What Does Cause Criminality?

Sure, you should hire the professional who can help crime scene cleaning process. Will you go to https://www.yelp.com/biz/crime-scene-cleanup-columbus-ohio-columbus-2? After such this nightmare happens, you may wonder how the crime rate increases time by time. Perhaps, most of you already know that poverty is the cause of revolution and crime. Poverty is defined as a situation where one is incapable of maintaining itself in accordance with the standard of living of the group and also unable to utilize its mental and physical energy in the group. We know that people living in poverty are very difficult to find employment and to fulfill his daily life. Under this circumstance, a person will certainly commit crimes, such as theft, robbery, sifting and even raping. Such actions are a problem in a society living in poverty, sometimes they are forced to commit crimes because they have committed criminal acts.

The rise of poverty in urban society and population density caused by the high number of transmigrants, this is one of the factors causing poverty and the occurrence of criminal acts. The urban community which we know is always synonymous with individual nature, materialistic, full of luxury, surrounded towering buildings, luxury offices, and large factories. Our assumptions about the city is a place of one’s success. Urban society is better than the rural community.

The difference between cultural distribution is known as a cause of criminality Well, cultural distribution from outside does not have a positive impact when applied to an area or country. As an example of a western culture that uses women’s mini-clothing, it will invite criminals and violence such as rape and robbery.

What’s about cultural distribution? A person who has an unstable mentality will certainly have a short way of thinking without thinking about the impact that will occur. Like a thug, if he wants to meet his needs, such as asking for illegal fees, extortion and so forth.