Tips to Wash Your Black Shirt

Black T-shirt is a shirt that most people are interested in because of its dark color and suitable for anyone. Dark colors will make your body look more skinny. If you love gothic clothes and accessories, you can visit our website and get it yourself. As well as on a white shirt, black mens skull t shirts also need to be considered in certain parts, if we are not good at treating black T-shirts, our shirts will look dull. T-shirt printing purchased from distros can also fade if you are not good at caring for them.

Well below is tips on washing the black shirt. There are some things we need to know about the washing process.

1. Tips to Wash Black T-shirts by Separating the Wash
Separate our black shirts with other colors of other shirts are stronger colors such as red, green, purple, blue and so on so that the black color does not fade and the authenticity of black t-shirts remain awake. Do not close the possibility of black fabric fiber on the shirt will fade when washed together in a container. Vice versa, other color shirts such as bright colors also cloth fibers can fade on our black shirts. When washing, it is recommended for us to separate the black t-shirts with other colored t-shirts.

2. Tips to Wash Black Shirt is by flipped the shirt
Before we wash black T-shirts, it’s good if we reverse the inside first, so the inside of the outside and the outside of the shirt is inside. It aims to protect the outside of the shirt so as not to fade the color. In addition to protecting the color so as not to fade, reversing this shirt also serves to protect the screen printing on black shirts purchased from vendor distro so as not to be damaged when washed.

3. Tips Wash Black T-shirt is not to soak it too long
Soaking T-shirts for too long will only be bad for our shirts. We recommend that new black shirts are only soaked less than 30 minutes and for black shirts that have been long enough, soak for not more than 1 hour.