The Ridiculous Kung Fu Panda

Remember the whim of an adorable fat panda who suddenly became a famous kung fu expert all over China? He came back, this time, Po met his father. They also travel to Taman Panda Rahasia to meet with their group. However, a new enemy appears, Kai, who wants to defeat all the kung fu experts in China. To that end, Po also teaches the entire inhabitants of Taman Panda Rahasia kung fu.

I still remember how when I first watched the Kung Fu Panda movie, I’ve fallen in love with Po. A panda who wants to become a kung fu expert but can not do anything, just silliness and silliness. However, the spirit of his efforts succeeded in earning him his dream which is to become a dragon warrior. If you also like this funny panda character, you must watch Kung Fu Panda 3 on